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The OKKA practice traditional Okinawan Martial Arts, Weapons, Self Defence & Combat Training in Fareham, Hampshire

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The OKKA was formed in October 1994 by a committee consisting of Richard Dear, Steve Ellis, Caroline Wilkinson, Clive Reid and Charmian Reid. It was our intention of forming an organization that encompassed a wide and varied range of knowledge and experience of the traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo ways of teaching. Our style is primarily based on Goju Ryu which was founded by Chojun Miyagi, and incorporates other influences such as Bugeikan which was founded by Seitoku Higa. We are possibly the only karate association in the UK that actively practices three different forms of Sanchin kata!

Our syllabus includes nine kyu grades which are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, brown +1 tag, brown +2 tags in ascending order. After that there are the black Dan grades. These gradings include kata (formal exercise), kobudo (weapons way), atemi (body strikes), kumite (sparring), and other courses including First Aid and teaching training.

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